Before You Buy Another New Swim Spa Cover

What You Should Know Before Buying a New Swim Spa Cover

If you have to change your swim spa cover this year, there are few essential things you must think about. A swim spa cover is your spa’s first line of defense versus debris and harsh weather conditions and is the essential to minimizing energy costs as a well-insulated cover will prevent heat from getting away from the swim spa when it’s not in usage.

Here’s exactly what you ought to understand prior to purchasing a brand-new spa cover.

When to Replace a Swim Spa Cover

A spa cover typically requires to be changed every 3 to five years if you reside in a northern area and every 3 to seven years, if you live in a warmer area.

Look for any rips or tears in the vinyl, inspect the underside of the cover and search for deterioration from mold build-up and chemicals. Due to the fact that all vinyls are ranked by HOURS outdoors, this happens. And the musty and moldy odor originates from the truth that the foam produces nearly best laboratory conditions for growing mold and mildew.

The service then to both of these issues would be to replace your cover with among the Custom Swim Spa Covers made by At they utilize Sunbrella Marine fabric which is rated by YEARS outdoors rather of vinyl, and air chambers instead of foam.

If your old one is heavy and waterlogged and a struggle to remove, a replacement swim spa cover is needed. This is a clear indication that the foam cores are filled with water.

Once again, another factor not to purchase another foam filled swim spa cover. No matter exactly what the spa dealer tells you, the truth is that every foam cover ever made is going to end up much like the one you require to change now.

The swim spa covers with air chambers instead of foam do not have the mold growing issues and they don’t saturate with water. They stay light-weight and simple to utilize for several years to come.

The concept that a thicker foam cover is going to insulate better is flawed thinking.

A quality foam filled swim spa cover will be from four to 6 inches thick. A spa dealership will inform you that if a cover is too thin, it will not be able to stand up against extreme weather condition conditions and you’ll have to replace it more frequently.

What saves you cash is a swim spa cover that insulates much better than foam. The Custom Swim Spa Covers from insulate better than foam without the problems of foam.

If you live in a location that gets a lot of snow throughout the winter, a rigid foam cover, no matter how thick will be crushed by a snow load. Which is why a lot of ski resorts all over the world have changed to covers made by

Choosing a Color

Choosing the right color for your swim spa cover is a fun but essential choice, as they can improve and match your environments. Here is where all the color options offered from Sunbrella, truly shine. Rather of settling for the 5 or 6 colors the local spa dealership has to provide, you can pick from more than SIXTY colors offered from

Don’t just buy another swim spa cover that is going to wind up heavy or broken like the one you have now. Check out and get a swim spa cover that is going to be easy to utilize for several years to come.

Why a Swim Spa?

The Benefits of a Swim Spa

A swim spa is merely a smaller type of pool that utilizes water resistance to enable users to swim in a restricted location. Recent innovation has improved them so that, now, the average homeowner is able to pay for one.

The primary benefits of a swim spa are:

• Their smaller sized size makes them a great option when space is restricted.
• Swimming is among the very best workouts you can do and a swim spa enables you to swim constantly without doing laps.
• A swim spa can be considerably less expensive to buy, keep and install than a full-sized swimming pool.

These are a few of the reasons even homeowners who have sufficient area in their lawns for a full-sized pool are deciding to set up a swim spa rather.

How Big is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa needs to be one and a half times the length of the body with the arms outstretched. Utilizing these aspects, a swim spa can be as little as 4 meters (approx. 13 feet) in length and as little as 2 meters (approx.

A swim spa can be installed either in ground or above ground and, due to the fact that they use up so little space, they can likewise be set up inside or on your back deck.

Included Features

Part of the attraction of swim spas is that there are so numerous styles and functions to select from. You can integrate it with a heated therapeutic spa. Buy different units or order it all-encompassing, with separate areas for swimming and relaxing.

You can manage the water temperatures so that the spa end can be warmer than the swimming pool or you can pick a single temperature level swim spa that combines restorative water jets in one end, where built-in seating is located, and resistance jets for swimming at the other end.

The Swim Spa as Plunge Pool

You may think about buying a larger swim spa that the entire family can enjoy if you have adequate area. A plunge pool can be up to 7.5 meters (approx. 24 feet) long by three meters broad (approx. 10 feet) and 1.2 meters deep; lots of room for every family member to enjoy. When you’re alone and desire to swim, all you need to do is turn on the pump.

A swim spa might be simply exactly what you’re looking for if you do not believe you have the area or the budget plan for a full-sized swimming pool. Like countless others, you may discover that a swim spa is the perfect option.

Okay, now that we have given you all the reasons you need to rush out and buy a Swim Spa, we have one more thing to help you get the most benefit from it. Imagine getting all nice and relaxed after using your swim spa and then straining yourself trying to get a heavy awkward cover back on.

After getting a great workout and washing your cares away in the warm embrace of pulsating water jets followed up with getting your blood pressure up because you get angry while putting the heavy cover back on the swim spa.

At, they have just what you need to keep those good vibrations going. They have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers for years. Imagine a swim spa cover as easy to use as moving a fluffy comforter onto your bed. No exasperation required. Swim Spa Covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.

Don’t let all the good your swim spa can do for you be wasted on a heavy, outdated, obsolete cover just because that’s all your local dealer has to offer. Order your own custom made Swim Spa Cover, and get the most out of your spa.

Treating Insomnia with a Swim Spa

Insomnia, is known as the lack of sleep, or absence of getting excellent sleep, otherwise called … habitual Insomnia After 30 minutes of you swimming, your work out has relieved the stress, got body fluids moving, bringing more oxygen through your blood … and making you very unwinded for a great night sleep.

The lack of excellent sleep, can induce mood swings, daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, amnesia, irritability, and even bad moods and anxiety.

I believe there is a better one. Bathing in your Swim Spa for up-to 90 minutes can activate your inner thermostat to reduce your body temperature which really assists to cause a good relaxing sleep. The hydrotherapy relieves any muscle stress and joint pain and at the same time the soothing sensations of weightlessness and buoyancy and the massage of the warm water bubbles can truly cause a good state of mind where stress and anxiety, tension and tension are eliminated.

Combine the physical impacts of hydrotherapy with the mental relaxation and what you have readies sleep and a better possibility of being refreshed and renewed the next day.

Okay, as you would expect, we have to mention that if you intend to get the healthy benefits from using your swim spa, you have to be able to use it easily everyday. That requires that it be easy to get into. After being in the Spa Cover business for thirty plus years, the folks at have learned a few things about human nature when it comes to using a swim spa.

When we first get our swim spas, we are excited and it is easy to find the time to use it everyday. Like a kid with a new toy. But eventually, that “newness” wears off. Then you have to decide that the benefits you get from using the swim spa are worth the time it takes out of your schedule.

Here’s a huge secret! The thing that causes most swim spa owners to eventually stop using their spa is the cover. The standard foam filled swim spa cover available at every spa dealer across the country. The lid that gets thrown in as an after thought when you buy the swim spa. Crazy right?

The foam starts to saturate with moisture from the steam rising off the spa water. It doesn’t happen fast, in fact it happens slowly over time so that you don’t even notice it. After a few months, the swim spa cover is heavier but because you have been using the spa everyday you didn’t notice the gradual change.

Before you know it, getting the cover off and on takes a lot more effort. You might not even consciously notice it but one day you think about getting into the swim spa and you decide to skip it. You’re just not up to it tonight.

Why would you “skip” the thing that makes you sleep better and live healthier? Because it requires too much effort. That simple foam filled cover becomes a barrier between you and the swim spa you spent all that money on. The same swim spa you couldn’t wait to get into, is just too much work now because of a heavy spa cover.

Eventually, you use it less and less until you can’t remember the last time you used it.

Then you have to make a choice. Do you get a new cover and get back to using it or do you get rid of it and reclaim that part of your back yard.

I hope you decide to get a new cover. That hot tub is like a daily vacation that your body and mind need to “re-boot” and stay healthy. But before going out and buying another cover just like the one you’re replacing, consider something better.

At, they have been building Swim Spa Covers, that are light weight, easy to use and built to stay that way. There are no rigid foam panels in the SpaCap so there’s nothing to soak up that steam and get heavy.

I’m not going to go over all the details here but you should check them out for yourself on the website. Then do yourself a huge favor and order one for your swim spa.

How to Purchase a Used Hot Tub

You can constantly discover someone attempting to offer their spa, for one factor or another. You’ll find secondhand spas and hot tubs on


and local papers by dealerships and home owners.

Used spas and hot tubs can still have much life left in them, and can be purchased for less than half of a new spa. Even if you decide to buy a new spa cover or cartridge filter component, the cost savings can be substantial.
Here’s some tips on how to purchase a Used Spa or Hot tub.
Purchasing from a Hot Tub Dealer
Lots of spa dealerships take trade-ins, much like a vehicle dealership might sell new and used automobiles. They might in some cases have older models or demo units they are attempting to sell.
The benefit of buying from a dealer is that it will have some sort of service warranty, and an extensive ’29 ′ point inspection and detailing. They can likewise sanitize the pipelines for biofilm elimination. Plus– they can likewise provide it, set it up with appropriate power, fill it, and show you ways to utilize it.
Simply make sure it’s a ‘real’ spa dealership, not a guy working out of a storage system. And never ever purchase a spa that you have not seen filled with water, hot, and completely functional.
Purchase from a Friend you Trust
If you have a good pal whose individual grooming routines you respect, it may be worth a look into his or her gently used spa. There are those nevertheless, who say that you never must negotiate business with friends– if you want them to remain pals. If you trust them that the spa was well kept and is in excellent working order, you can help out a buddy and get a hot tub for yourself at a great price.
Making the offer sweeter would be accessories such as a spa cover lifter, spa steps or furnishings, spa chemicals and equipment. A spa cover in great shape, one that looks brand-new and is not sagging, faded, water logged or broken– is also a good possession.
Purchase from Some Guy Online
Take an appearance at the spa, and if it looks operational however you want to be sure, call a regional spa service company to perform a systems check on the hot tub. If you decide to buy it, the spa tech may also be able to move the spa for you, with specialized trailers and dollies made for the function.
Even if you are purchasing from a pal, having a spa tech do an examination, and possibly move the spa and set it up in it’s brand-new place, would be a smart idea– specifically if you are a newbie to jacuzzis and spas.
What does it cost? Should You Pay for a Used Spa?
There’s no mileage indication on a spa, to see how many hours of use it has, or how long it’s been in service. If not, you can take some measurements, count the number of jets and other functions and try to discover comparable designs to figure a base price for a brand-new, similar spa.
Typically, the rate for a used spa needs to be about 50% of the retail cost, or the expense paid by the present owner, for a spa less than 10 years old. If it needs a brand-new spa cover, or the shell or skirt look used and faded, or if the spa pack, pumps or blower look aged, the price should drop another 10% or more.
Moving a Spa to a New Location
Not as easy as it sounds, depending upon the size of the spa. A 6 ft spa is a lot more workable than an 8 footer, which hangs over the edge of a lot of trailers and is too big for standard dollies. And they’re heavy! Drained of water, and with the spa cover and spa pack removed, a large spa can still weigh 500-800 lbs and be rather unwieldy.
Moving a spa to an indoor place provides even greater challenges, involving moving through doorways and perhaps actions. If it’s possible to pull a large trailer right as much as the existing place, and likewise pull it right as much as the new place, the task is much simpler.
In addition, you may require to have a power cut-off box set up near the spa. An electrical contractor can power up a spa in many cases for under $300 dollars.
Deep Cleaning a Used Spa
When buying an utilized spa, you’re gon na desire to sanitize it truly well, am I right?
Once in the new area, start by filling the spa with water, evaluating the operation of the spa, then super-chlorinate with a granular spa shock product. After distributing for numerous hours, utilize a purge product such as Tub Rinse to strip off hidden bacteria and biofilms that may be hiding in the pipes and tubes.
Drain the spa after this treatment, and utilize a hot tub cleaning item (never use family cleaners) such as Tub Rub or Citrabright to remove grime from the spa jets and surface areas. Refill once again and change the pH, Alkalinity and Hardness for perfect spa water balance.
Changing the spa cartridge filter would be a great idea, and if the cover smells moldy and looks old, it may be best to start out with a new spa cover.
If the opportunity to buy an utilized spa or hot tub comes your method, you are now a bit more ready for the conversation.

Here’s a little tip not only for getting a used hot tub but for being happy with your purchase. Believe it or not, the reason most people eventually stop using their hot tub is because of the cover. No matter what a spa dealer tels you every foam filled hot tub cover will eventually become saturated and too heavy to lift.

So hot tub owners get tired of buying spa covers that are just going to end up heavy. They get tired of wrestling a heavy cover off and on their spa. Eventually they can’t remember the last time they used their hot tub and so they just shut if off and drain it.

When they go to sell it to you they’ll say, “It works great, it just needs a new cover.”

That’s great for you, but kind of sad considering how much they paid for their spa and that they let buying a better cover stand in the way of using their investment.

That’s why we recommend the custom made Hot Tub Covers from Their hot tub covers don’t use foam so they don’t get heavy or break. Also because they don’t hold miosture and grow mold inside them like foam covers you won’t have to deal with a musty, moldy smell every time you open your spa.

So once you find a great deal on a used hot tub be sure to visit and order a custom spa cover. You’ll use the hot tub a lot more often and for years to come with a hot tub cover that’s as easy to use as a comforter on your bed.