Swim Spas: the Perfect Exercise Machine

Swim Spas are the ideal Exercise Machine
Imagine a pool where you can swim with regards to your stamina will take you best have the definition associated with a swim spa. Swimming has truly been shown thought to be a perfect exercise and swim spas are the perfect exercise machine.
Swimming is popular as it is this sort of simple as well as enjoyable activity but, if you are enjoying a daily swim you will get cardio training and resistance training. As well, your body is supported and your joints are protected from shock.
Swim Spa Swimming
Enjoying a swim spa is a similar as enjoying a large pool or in conjunction with open water, except that you stay stationary in a swim spa. A swim spa causes a counter current so that you can swim against so that you have an endless swimming pool. Swim jets start at the touch of a power switch.
Single and Dual Zone Swim Spas
One single zone swim spa has just one spot of water utilizing a swim jet at one end for swimming and seats and massage jets for the other end.
A dual zone swim spa has two separate zones of water with pumps and equipment for the small pool and counter current for swimming and another area that may be a self-contained spa. The benefit of a dual zone swim spa is the idea that it’s possible to adjust the temperatures inside the pool as well as having the jacuzzi separately.
What You Can Do in a Swim Spa
A swim spa will be the ideal way to discover ways to swim due to the swimmer doesn’t move relative to the swimming pool. A parent or another teacher is likely to stand right next to young swimmers to offer them support and confidence.
More seasoned swimmers may well have a trainer standing beside them to be able to help them improve their technique. In fact, swim spas have become popular training aids among triathletes and distance swimmers.
The counter current can be utilized in weight training. All you have to do is walk contrary to the current. Also you can go get a float or board and paddle against the current.
Swim spas provide all the necessary fun and family entertainment of a large pool but supplies you with the excess benefit of having the ability to exercise, train or learn to swim at your own pace. They’re also a great alternative if you have no idea at all house complete size seashore which can be installed indoors or outdoors, whatever your preference. By having a swim spa indoors, you’ll be able to swim, exercise or perhaps just sit and soak in the privacy of your own own house regardless of what the weather conditions are like outside.
If you believe you don’t need to want to spend the money on a full-sized swimming pool or you really don’t have the space for one, but wish to tend to have a area to swim regularly, a swim spa could be actually what you need.
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Arthritis Pain Reduced by Swimming

Anyone who lives having the problems of arthritis knows what the painful and challenging condition it can be. For a lot of this means being required to compensate with stiffness upon waking or when going to bed, while others have to cope with mobility and dexterity issues from arthritis of one’s knees, shoulders, fingers as well as other limbs. No matter the way it could be affecting you, but as we’ll discuss throughout this article, it’s vital to keep active and versatile if you do in fact genuinely wish to gain the advantage on arthritis.
Some of the most effective aquatic exercises for arthritis include:
• Swimming
• Free Weights
• Full body resistance band workouts
• Bow Swim
• Treadmill
As much well-conducted studies have demonstrated, swimming and aquatic exercise offers many health and wellbeing benefits. Let’s review a handful of the ways in which swimming and pool exercises can assist reduce the frequency and severity of arthritic conditions.
Improved Circulation
Many are deterred from aquatic fitness perhaps they are under the impression that it is limited to swimming laps. The fact is, a variety of low-impact pool exercises can be done to help improve circulation and blood flow; something that is undisputed in the ability to minimize and lessen arthritic pain. Lots of know, joints deteriorate and became inflamed as time passes as a result of abrasion. Poor circulation, however, can even inhibit joints from collecting the key nutrients and fatty esters mandatory to remain strong and elastic over time.
Increased Flexibility & Strength
Movements namely deep stride walking, low-impact pool free weights and swimming with resistance bands are only a sampling of this very aquatic exercises thought to help boost flexibility, muscle tone and core strength. From your own perspective and feedback, many Spa customers have reported significant improvements of these areas, and this action could help manage arthritis symptoms within the pursue a more comfortable day-to-day living. Complementing you pool fitness routine with a sound, nutrition plan is a great strategy to expedite your progress.
Less Weight to Strain Joints
For those that suffer from arthritis of a given knees, hips and ankles, being overweight over an extensive length of time will almost certainly worsen these symptoms. Our remarkable joint structures are competent withstanding decades of impact, while it often comes on a price for the individuals who take them for granted. Cartilage found below the equator is simply created to support some initial weight, and as neglected or forced to carry excess biological baggage, it disperse. Reducing weight and achieving a more in-range BMI (body mass index) is crucial for you managing knee, ankle or foot pain. And also as countless have discovered, aquatic exercise is possibly the most effective low-impact way to reducing unwanted fat and losing weight.
To discover regarding the many other rewards of swimming and aquatic pool exercise, be sure you visit and bookmark our blog for brand spanking new articles! Interested in a Swim Spa?
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Swim Spa Accessories

If you have just installed a ‘Swim spa’ in your family and are generally trying to throw a get together for your family or friends, in which case you must have read some exciting accessories that will actually make your swim spa experience even more enjoyable.
There really is a wide variety of add-on accessories already in the market today which could truly increase the overall look of your swim spa. Among the most popular accessories for swim spas contain the following:
Equipment for aquatic therapy
You could possibly utilize a catalog to further improve your ability to swim and boost your fitness level within a swim spa. Some of these products include steppers, gym balls, aquatic cycles or perhaps treadmills.
These equipment are made to work equally well in water simply because they would inside a conventional exercise studio or space. The greatest advantage here accounts for the fact that they in fact help relieve pressure toward the joints causing it to be an excellent therapeutic experience.
When purchasing exercise equipment, attempt and look for aquatic cycles, treadmills and similar overall body workout options.
Other spa equipment
There are a number of other additional accessories that you could consider purchasing for your swim spa. This would include some fundamental:
Rowing kit: This happens to be one more amazing method to get involved into some good cardio workouts and experience fun simultaneously. You could actually optimize your rowing skills and became fitter using this brilliant swim spa accessory.
Stairs: This might make yourself a good and useful investment specifically for your swim spa as some people shouldn’t jump into the spa and would prefer the stairs to get in. This also makes getting out easier for all.
Swim spa covers: It is a essential accessory to produce a swim spa. It will assist in keeping the waste and dirt out and provide protection to your spa system.
Eco-friendly water products for your chosen swim spa
The entry of Eco-friendly spa products and chemicals has been late to the pool scenario, but serves as a definite addition into the website store of products maintained by pool owners. Though chemicals such as bromine and chlorine have also been traditionally utilized cleanup pools effectively, they might cause skin and sore itchy eyes and tend to be harmful regarding the environment if used in huge quantities.
Usually, chemicals constructed from enzymes are utilized to manufacture Eco-friendly spa products. These enzymes inside the chemicals actually demolish the organic elements, exactly the way enzymes act in your stomach. They break up these elements and there are hardly any the chemicals surplus inside the pool as well as having the bathers do not happen to be the subject of any eye irritations attributable to bromine or chlorine.
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Swim Spa Benefits 2.0

Swim spa benefits go beyond the capacity to swim, exercise, and relax from your own home. For millennia, many people utilized the power of water to care for specific health conditions. At any age, hydrotherapy may help manage specific medical issues to improve someone’s overall wellness and well-being. This is how water’s stress-free and supportive environment helps to heal, recover and rehabilitate.
Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Arthritis and fibromyalgia are both considered rheumatic conditions because the joints or soft tissues are impaired and create chronic pain. A method to manage the pain would be to find methods to relax joints, muscles, and tendons. The nice and cozy water within the swim spa helps minimize both stiffness and stress. On account of the weightlessness of one’s body in water, you’ll have no pressure on your private joints, and consequently, no additional pain.
Besides, swim spas have different speed settings that allow users at different ability levels to succeed inside the pool. That are caused by the strongest athlete to the frailest patient, of the water can either challenge or reinforce the user. Try to find a swim spa which has multiple current speed settings. The greater amount of speed settings your swim spa offers, the closer you can tailor it to your requirements. In particular, SwimEx pools have 99 water speed options. Someone with arthritis or fibromyalgia can exercise by walking slowly against the supportive current to function additionally or ramp it to swim, run, and get complete body workout.
Parkinson’s disease
Sometimes the common physical therapy work outs insufficient to manage Parkinson’s – a progressive disorder of this very body. Hydrotherapy is now a more common method for rehabilitation at physical therapy clinics, that same exercises might be finished in your personal home swim spa to minimize Parkinson’s symptoms.
The fluids is a full-body support, making it easier to balance since you exercise. The warm water loosens joints and muscles, and a variable current allows anyone to complete simple exercises if not more intense workouts.
Neuromuscular conditions
Neuromuscular conditions include a variety of conditions, for example, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. Treatment of these nerve and muscle conditions places great importance on improving mobility and symptoms, and also lengthening life wherever possible.
A swimming pool should help accelerate treatment goals. As a consequence of water’s buoyancy, it is easier to move and there is minimal pain and joint stress. This assists build the confidence to do your exercise routine often to help mitigate common symptoms namely:
• muscle spasms and weak muscles
• pain
• joint range of motion
• poor balance
• impaired coordination
Some swim spas even have built-in stairs or chair lifts to help make gaining access and out of the pool easier. Underwater cameras will also be installed to help work towards correct form while exercising. This can be achieved a pivotal tool people re-learning the best way to walk. For some, water therapy is important for maintaining the nature of life for as long as you can.
Chronic Pain
Acute pain is often a pointy pain that alerts your system associated with a disease or injury, and often vanishes entirely when the cause is treated. Chronic pain, nevertheless, remains even after an accident will be treated, which can persist for a number of years. A property workout pool can be utilized to take care of problems of chronic pain and deliver relief, even though what was the reason for is unclear.
Aquatic therapy relieves stress in utilizing a calming mildly hot water experience for a person coping with chronic pain. With minimized pressure on joints and less pain while exercising is much easier to get done with rehab, recovery and daily exercise routines needed to stay healthy.
Recovery and Rehabilitation
Hydrotherapy can be an increasingly popular treatment for injuries and on-going health problems. Anyone – from elite sports teams to senior living centers – can utilize water’s unique properties for recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you’re recovering in an injury, or getting through knee surgery rehab, water therapy is undoubtedly an incredibly effective therapy tool. It can help in recovery and also better, permits you to maintain fitness since you regain your health.
“Accumulated in water approximately your chest reduces body weight by 80%.”
Water permits you to put together a number of exercises that would preferably be difficult or painful on land. Any person can trick you a swim spa, and boost their movements among the pool as they simply become stronger plus much more confident.
Thin best possible digging for perfect pool all of your family? Swim spas really are a great option as they can belong nearly any room inside or outside the residence, require less maintenance, as well as provide a gentle, fun current young children and grandparents alike.
It is important to teach kids about health wellness and exercise. A swim spa allows children of all ages to discover how to swim, relax, float among the water, and also aqua jog using a flotation belt. Swimming is typically a sport that they may enjoy your entire life.
Senior Health and Well-being
It’s clear that swim spas can deal with controlling many different medical conditions. They also perform wonders for seniors who are wanting to increase our health, fitness, and well-being. Below are a number of specific areas of health where water may help generate a positive impact:
• Improved Mental well-being – Any exercise releases endorphins, reducing stress and increasing happiness.
• Healthier Heart – Water workouts improve cardiovascular well-being and generate a stronger heart. Certain studies indicate that swimming lowers arterial pressure in older people.
• Stronger Bones – Save money danger of osteoporosis from exercising to strengthen bones and muscles. Different current speeds within a swim spa allow you slowly up the flow of water since you gain confidence and strength.
• Increased Muscle Strength – Identical to building stronger bones, pool exercises improve muscular strength.
• Better Flexibility – Exercise, especially swimming, improves leg, hip, neck and arm flexibility.
• Reach a Healthy muscle weight – Training and swimming in your own individual swim spa is both an pleasant and convenient way to do your exercise routine. The activity helps tone up and therefore reduce unwanted fat.
Young or not so young, training for a triathlon or recovering from hip surgery, water therapy offers amazing benefits if anyone is of all walks of life and health conditions. A home swim spa makes it simple to keep with aquatic exercises within the safe environment of a persons own house.
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Ozone Hot Tub Water Purifier

Ozone water purification is 3000 times more powerful than ordinary water sanitizers and allows you to lessen the amount of bromine or chlorine you’re using within your spa because ozone kills the majority of the bacteria. Chemical odor out of your Jacuzzi will be reduced and get experience less skin, nasal and eye irritations.
Here’s why ozone is a natural water purifier for your own personal spa.
About Ozone
Ozone is:
• “active oxygen”
• a healthy purifier
• manufactured in nature from the series of oxygen in air plus the ultraviolet rays of the sun or by the corona discharge over the course of lightning storm
• the clean, fresh scent following a rainstorm
• powerful and safe
• an alternative to traditional chemicals
What ozone does:
• destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and rot
• eliminates spores, cysts, yeast, and fungus
• eliminates oils together with other contaminants in water
• keeps water clean, fresh and sparkling clear
How Ozonators Work
Ozone generators contain either an UV light bulb or perhaps an electronic (corona discharge) device to produce ozone. Injected into spa water, ozone gas is a powerful sanitizer that destroys a lot of the viruses and bacteria existing in the water. It also breaks down body oils this requires that water will by all means remain clear and fresh for much longer than when only regular sanitizers are used.
Ozone gas travels through an airline linked with a water jet which sucks the ozone into your spa during regular filtration.
Those who installed an ozonator on their spas reported that they solely needed to change their spa water every 8-12 months, as opposed to every three months with regular sanitizers.
Ozone Is Safe
Ozone won’t explode, neither is it source of fire hazard. Ozone doesn’t produce harmful fumes inside the amount required for purification and it’ll not damage plumbing fittings or pipes.
Ozone is made and it is kept in of the water automatically. There isn’t anything to get or store. Ozone is not going to reduce the pH balance of one’s water and really helps to reduce dissolved solids among the water so now the water doesn’t have to be changed as often.
Installing an Ozonator
Some spas are produced with a special ozone jet, usually located near your starting point of the Jacuzzi. Should your spa doesn’t have a designated ozone jet, you can easily hook the ozonator as much as an existing jet using an adapter kit.
Because ozone does like an effective accountability keeping of the water clean, it eliminates a lot of the movement maintenance.
The ultra violet lever in an ozonator typically exists for about two years which can be substituted for about $75 U.S. “Corona discharge” ozonators contain an electronic chip that lasts for about 9000 hours of running time and costs about $45 to interchange.
It’s recommended which you replace the chip yearly in case you’re operating your ozonator round the clock however, most ozonators only run when the spa is filtering. So, if you’re filtering your spa 6 hours a day, the chip work quite a while.
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Is The Best Exercise Swimming?

The general population is currently embarking to realize what swimmers and doctors have popular for decades: swimming is a effective, enjoyable and versatile methods to lie in shape and promote a more healthy, active lifestyle. Other than the obvious merits of increased metabolic processes fat, spending some time in the water gives a wide spectrum of rewards if you are of any age and activity level. Allow me to share just a few of the explanations to take up swimming and aquatic exercise when trying to get fit, lie in shape or live healthier.
An efficient, Low-impact Workout
While swimming laps will clearly burn more calories, you don’t need to be training to have an Olympic medal to have the benefits of aquatic fitness. Simple movements such as walking in the pool, knee raises and kicks, moving your arms… they may seem mundane, but each movement requires energy that is subject to the water’s natural resistance. This makes swimming a great low impact exercise that’s adept for seniors, along with those with arthritis, limited mobility or recovering because of an injury.
Increases Strength, Muscle Tone and Cardio Function
As we start to get older it becomes all of the most important to maintain healthy muscular function. Moving through water requires the use of many muscle groups working in tandem; most of which are rarely used in our day-to-day lives. By gently forcing them to counter the natural resistance water provides, muscles that could have gone dormant through the years are stimulated into action. This not only helps the tissues grow and strengthen, additionally it allows proteins and enzymes for helping with injury recovery, metabolic function as well as other key biological duties.
Calms the Mind to Reduce Stress
Maybe you have noticed how the mind and body are instantly calmed when starring for a lake or walking throughout the beach? Our bodies are includes greater than 70% water, that makes it understandable that most of us feel more at home when in the midst of it. If passing time within a natural too much to handle water would be out of the question, swimming or taking part in pool exercises might be similar to how effective. Numerous studies have showcased the link between swimming and stress-relief, as well as others tell that simply being linked with water is an incredible method to provide peace, calm and clarity.
Could help Promote Healthy Lungs
In case you’re in good enough physical shape to swim for a steady to vigorous pace, you recently could possibly be improving your health and degree of your lungs without being able to tell. Very recent research has revealed a connection between swimming and lung health. This makes swimming a beautiful exercise for people who have gave up smoking, and also older individuals and people trying to increase circulatory health.
At SpaCap.com, they have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers as easy to use as a comforter onto your bed. SpaCap swim spa covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.
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All Abilities Can Use a Swim Spa

Swim Spa Exercise
Swim spas allow people of most abilities to exercise in water for therapy within the comfort of their very own homes or backyards. Warm water therapy is very best for individuals with neuromuscular diseases namely multiple sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy.
The advantages Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy might assist to relieve pain, mobilize joints, strengthen muscles, develop balance and coordination, foster relaxation and improve overall fitness.
Exercising in water makes a three-dimensional environment possible for the disabled. They will be able to leave their wheelchair, prosthetic, cane or crutches behind and have now the opportunity of movement to carry out things within the water that wouldn’t be possible on land, which can include floating upon their back or rolling over.
Hydrotherapy gives a person greater range of motion and will help to relax muscles. It might also helped to increase circulation and reduce swelling in the legs. Water therapy may even helped to increase lung capacity.
The buoyancy of water supports the body and maximizes someone’s abilities providing them with greater independence, confidence and increased mobility.
How Hydrotherapy Works
Hydrotherapy includes the body’s reaction to the extended utilization of heat, onto the pressure exerted via the water and then to the sensation of the water itself. Precisely what is felt by the skin is carried deeper into the body by nerves, where it stimulates your immune system, influences the production of stress hormones, improves circulation and digestion, encourages the flow of blood and lower body’s sensitivity to pain.
Mildly hot water also reduces muscular spasms in addition to improving joint mobility and muscle strength. It is not necessary have the ability to swim in order to enjoy hydrotherapy.
A Growing Trend
Like the population ages, swim spas have grown to be better known for stress release and hydrotherapy. A few of the numerous conditions that can be helped by hydrotherapy are:
• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatism & Fibromyalgia
• Lumbago/sciatica/ lumbar instability
• Whiplash & other neck pain
• Sports injuries
• Tendinopathy
• Balance/coordination problems
• Shoulder and arm pain
• Ankylosing Spondylitis (a style of spinal arthritis)
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Stroke
• Cerebral Palsy
• Back and pelvic pain when you are pregnant
• Work and accident related injuries
• Rehabilitation after bone fractures, joint replacement or tendon repair
Privacy and Convenience
Home swim spa exercise offers 24-hour-a-day convenience, year-round use and privacy. It certainly will squeeze into a smaller space than the traditional swimming pool, uses less electricity to heat, uses fewer chemicals and it is easier to maintain overall.
Your physician will advise you if water therapy is an efficient solution for some body a spouse. It is vital to see how much time to spend in the water. In the event that you have a disability make certain that someone is together with you continuously while you’re with a swim spa.
At SpaCap.com, they have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers as easy to use as a comforter onto your bed. SpaCap swim spa covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.
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Pick the Swim Spa That’s Best for You

Pick the Swim Spa That’s Right for You
If you would really love to have a swimming pool but decided it was pricey, a swim spa could be just what you’re hunting for. Sure a hot tub could well be perfect for relaxing but it won’t provide you a workout. Swim spas have the better of both a pool along with a hot tub together without the expense of a new full-sized swimming pool.
There are numerous different kinds of swim spas. Some even come with separate spas in one end. Here are a few suggestions to assist you pick the kind of swim spa that’s appropriate for you.
Different kinds of Swim Spas
Most types of swim spas are molded from acrylic and usually about 12 to 24 feet long.
• Molded shells – You could buy a molded shell separately, install it right into a deck and landscape around it. This particular method of installation, the pumps, heater, filter along with other equipment can be remotely located.
• Self-Contained Portable Swim Spa – Some swim spas can be found pre-built and are also called self-contained or portable. They are actually big and bulky but don’t necessarily need to be permanently installed. They are popular for their ease of installation as well as for the fact that they could be taken with you if you move.
• Component/Modular Design – Modular design allows the swim spa to actually be installed indoors, as well as outdoors. Additionally it allows for pools of varying sizes from 7 by 12 feet to 10 by 16 feet, with water depths up to six feet deep. You can also have custom copings and sidings and multiple water depths, if you like.
• Split-Models – A split-model has a spa in one end along with a swimming area in the other end and you could regulate water temperatures in each of these areas separately.
The Versatility associated with a Swim Spa
Just about any kind of swim spa will allow you to exercise, relax by just soaking in warm water or spend time with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Swim spas allow you to swim continuously against water currents as well as provide you with a terrific way to work out utilizing the smallest amount of space, either inside your home or in the backyard. They additionally work as smaller swimming pools in the way that you’ll be able to play around in them.
In the event you have the space, you might pick a larger swim spa, that can be as much as 24 feet long by 10 feet wide and 4 feet deep. This gives you plenty of room for family recreation and entertaining friends.
If you really don’t think you will have the area and the budget for a full-sized swimming pool, a swim spa often is the perfect solution.
At SpaCap.com, they have been building Custom Swim Spa Covers as easy to use as a comforter onto your bed. SpaCap swim spa covers use air to insulate rather than foam so there is nothing to soak up moisture which is what makes all other covers heavy.
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Why Hot Tub Covers Get Saturated

Every traditional foam filled hot tub cover gets heavy and saturated. However the how and why might come as a surprise. It really has nothing to do with rain thus it doesn’t matter how steep the taper is, that cover will still get heavy. If it had been rain which has been making hot tub covers heavy then putting a roof over the spa would stop the cover from getting heavy.
Moisture getting trapped in the foam is precisely what eventually makes a hot tub cover too heavy to lift. However if it’s not the rain, how does the water get in there? The answer is steam beginning with the warm spa water. When water becomes steam it’s a much smaller molecule compared to a drop of water.
Steam will get into a smaller area, like say the spaces within the foam. Once it cools back down and turns into water again, it’s trapped stuck inside the foam. Once trapped in the foam the water won’t drain out so a drain hole won’t help. The only way the water could get back out of the foam would be to evaporate. In order to evaporate, the spa cover has got to be removed from the source of steam (the hot tub) and placed inside a dry, well ventilated area.
The trouble does not have anything to do with how well the cover is treated or how much vinyl protector is rubbed on it. The problem is the foam itself. The sort of foam employed in hot tub covers requires be used as insulation in DRY conditions. In particular it works well in floors, ceilings and walls (provided it can be remains dry) and it is an excellent option for refrigeration applications.
However if the very same foam is exposed to steam, the insulation it could offer is rapidly reduced to something similar to wet plywood.

Then why is foam still being utilized in hot tub covers? It’s cheap and it’s the industry standard. Though perhaps only because everybody is doing it doesn’t ensure it is the right idea.
A hundred years ago the quality method of travel was the horse. The horse had been the standard for years and years. Until anything better was developed.
A more informed idea as far as spa covers go would be the one which eliminates the foam, still insulates but stays light weight and simple to work with.
Thirty years ago, (yes really, thirty years ago) that is how the SpaCap was created. A single woman with back trouble, needed to be able to use her spa every day for therapy. She had to be able to get her cover on and off by herself without further injuring her back.
The Spa Cover she eventually came up with was light weight, very easy to use and insulated as well as a foam filled hot tub cover. Even though it has gone through many improvements through the years, the main concept and principle continues to be the very same. SpaCap.com builds custom hot tub covers for all varieties of spas including Swim Spas.
Don’t go out and purchase another foam filled hot tub cover just because that’s what your neighbors do. Visit SpaCap.com and get a hot tub cover that won’t become saturated and heavy or break and is going to make it easy for you to use your spa for years to come!

It’s Time To Replace The Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Covers are indispensable, to be able to keep your water warm inside of the hot tub. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Despite what your spa dealer could possibly have promised, there shall come a time when you will need a replacement hot tub cover.
What are the signs when your hot tub cover has given up the ghost? There are obvious signs, and those that won’t be so obvious indicators. Here’s 5 indicators of spa cover distress to look for.
Saggy Cover
If your foam filled hot tub cover collects water on top, you’ll need a new spa cover. This is an indication that whatever was intended regarding the reinforcement of the foam boards is being bent or broken. You will find typically a C-channel that runs along both halves of the spa cover, where they meet in order to support each side across the middle by the hinge. Some cover manufacturers may use materials like aluminum or thin steel at this point which will bend under weight (dogs, kids, snow), or (more typically) from the weight of the cover itself.
If this is the case, attempting to milk more time out of the cover is just going to set you back more as time passes by since whatever insulation value it may have had is gone at this point. Delaying the inevitable will simply cost you more in heating bills. But more importantly coming from a usage viewpoint, you are likely unlikely to care to mess with your cover when it has water on top of it. Ultimately, you’re using your hot tub less which is a sin. Which would make you a sinner.
Something to think about here. It doesn’t matter what your hot tub dealer has to say about it, if he only wants to sell you another foam filled cover, it is 100% positively going to end up just like the one you have to replace now.
It won’t matter if it is shrink wrapped in Kevlar and reinforced with titanium, if it has foam within it, it is doomed to fail.
Puddle Cover
Water is heavy, at 8 lbs per gallon, it accumulates quickly. Another case of broken reinforcement channel. Probably started out with a small crimp in the channel, which began to puddle some water, which allowed for more water … until it looks a new spa cover is in order.
Much like Saggy Cover, this is because of using foam panels as a cover for a hot tub. Foam panels will soak up moisture from the steam rising from the spa water. Nothing could prevent it except not using foam inside the cover!
The spa dealer may suggest to attempt to flip the panels over contained in the cover to add to the life. Except the zippers and the vinyl material weren’t made heavy duty enough to be opened and shut following the initial stuffing of the foam.
As soon as the cover begins a gradual puddle, it can never be reversed. It is time to order a replacement hot tub cover. Same as we already discussed above, putting it off means you will be utilizing the hot tub less (a sin) and wasting money on the heating bill.
Water Logged Spa Cover
This is a spa cover that weighs about 3x what it did when it was new. They can get so heavy that they become hazardous to use short of the aid of a Seal Team. They often also damage spa cover lifters if they get too heavy. This is because the cover lifter is not made to handle the weight of a saturated cover. Bet the dealer didn’t mention that when he sold it to you.
happens when the foam core is taking on water – and, is not draining. This does not signify that rain water has somehow gotten into your cover, or snow or various other outside source. It happens when steam rises from the warm spa water then since it’s a very small molecule, gets right into the foam. Once it gets up in the foam it cools and turns back into water, and becomes trapped because the water molecule is too big to fall out.
The best way to prevent it would be to never use a foam filled cover on your hot tub. Despite what the manufacturer claims to wrap it in or the way they package it, the foam will eventually become saturated. Period.
It is time to get a new replacement hot tub cover. Again, putting it off now is just will cost you more in heating bills and unless you have a Seal Team living with you, you aren’t going to be enjoying your spa regularly. (still a sin)
If you’d like to be clever, you can take the cover off the spa and store it in your garage for a few months. If your cover is away from the moisture and stored in a dry place, eventually the moisture within the cover will evaporate (back to a smaller molecule) and of course the foam will become light again. It will take months for it to dry completely so you must have another replacement cover so you can continue to use the spa during the time you wait. Note:The cover may still warp wildly out of shape while it dries.
If you choose to rotate your covers every three months, you might be able to make them last to the point that the materials finally come apart. See Below.
Torn & Worn Spa Cover
Whenever the fabric (marine grade vinyl on the standard foam filled spa covers) suffers from its limit of sun and weather, it becomes brittle and begins to deteriorate. Eventually, holes and tears occur that will .
Due to the fact that ALL Vinyls, even the most expensive Marine Grade, are rated by HOURS outdoors.
Using a spa cover protectant is just yet another way for cover dealers to take your money. If you want to spend every week rubbing down your hot tub cover with conditioner, go ahead but the smart thing to do would be to purchase a cover that does not have VINYL on the exterior.
Still, providing the cover isn’t heavy yet, you might to delay getting a another one immediately providing you don’t mind looking like the king of Duct Tape. If you require a few suggestions, explore some episodes of the “Red Green Show.” Red covers the finer points of Duct Tape.
Smelly Spa Cover
Musty, mildew, old wet dog – whatever your spa cover smells like, if it’s a bad odor, that probably implies that you have bacteria forming inside the hot tub cover. It probably also means the hot tub cover is water logging (see above).
Now we have crossed over from inconvenient to unhealthy.
What are you breathing in when this is what you smell?
Completely dismantling the cover, and spraying it down with Lysol won’t help! Since the source of the smell, AKA the mold and mildew are inside the foam! At most you re probably able to kill what’s on the surface of the vinyl or foam but you won’t be able to touch what’s inside the foam. Plus now your cover smells like Lysol, nothing kills the mood faster than inhaling something that reminds you of how the school janitor cleaned up vomit.

The basis of the problem? That high quality foam employed in traditional Hot Tub Covers. No matter how much a dealer may strive to sell how it is amazingly resistant to water absorption and bacteria formation, it without a doubt will still happen and they know it.
When you’re ready for a new spa cover, be sure that it’s not made with a foam core.

5 reasons that you’ll need a new spa cover – in case you were curious about your own hot tub cover making it another year. Don’t wait. It’s your basic instinct saying something important – hot tub season is coming! Make ready now!